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Our membership cost is significantly lower than the retail price of purchasing the premium toy individually. Join now to enjoy exclusive savings and have the delightful pleasure delivered to you every month.

Get 46% off the original price of $129.95
Now available for only $69.95!

  • Best Value

    Ultimate Pleasure

    Every month
    U.S. Shipping and tax included! New Pleasures every month!

With the Delightful Desires Club subscription, you will receive an exclusive package each month containing one special premium tailored toy along with extra goodies to enhance your pleasure. Our expert team handpicks these items with care to provide you with a unique and satisfying experience. The package is designed to surprise and delight you, introducing you to new and exciting products each month.


In addition to the special premium tailored toy, the extra goodies included in the package may vary but could consist of items such as lubricants, massage oils, sensual accessories, or other surprises to further enhance your intimate moments. These additional items are carefully selected to complement and enhance your experience with the featured toy.


We understand the importance of discretion, and all packages are shipped in discreet packaging to maintain your privacy. Each month, you can look forward to receiving your package and exploring the premium toy and extra goodies it contains, adding excitement and pleasure to your intimate adventures.


Please keep in mind that the exact details and contents of each month's package may vary to keep the experience fresh and enjoyable. We aim to provide you with a delightful and personalized experience with each delivery.


If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support team. We are here to make your Delightful Desires Club experience truly special.

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